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We love volunteers! We are greatly supported by a strong group of volunteers. With plans to expand services, we will need new volunteers. If you love supporting life and helping families, you could be a great candidate for being a volunteer here at FPC. Please enter your information below to be on our list. We are looking for men who are interested in being mentors to young men, financial experts to teach classes, licensed counselors/therapists for relationship classes, as well as female advocates for our women who come in for our pregnancy services.
Thank you for your interest in helping us serve our community. 



Creative LAB (Life Affirming Brilliance) is a volunteer corp. formed of creatives from all areas of the arts to support the mission of Foothill Pregnancy Center. Whether you draw, paint, design, write, prepare culinary delights, sculpt, sing, play an instrument, act, dance, take photos, create videos...we would love to recognize and utilize your gifts. There are many opportunities for creatives to help us save lives and help empower families. We will be creating an email list of interested artists and when we have a need we will email the group. If you can help, great! If not, there is no pressure. We recognize artists are worthy of compensation but we also know that the Christian artists in our community also love creative outlets that let you give back and what better cause than supporting life and life abundant. Let us know if you are interested in being on our email list for Creative LAB by filling out the form below. Your gifts are brilliant and so is your light. 

Thank you!

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